Women Empowerment

Working with underprivileged and marginalized rural women



Empowering women is essential for any society to ensure the sustainable development of the country. Gender equality and women empowerment is pertinent for socio-economic development, environment protection. It’s about giving women equal socio-political rights, economic stability and judicial strength. Women should know their fundamental and social rights. Without the equal inclusion of women in development, women would not be able to benefit or contribute to the development of the country. At WOMENforINDIA we understand this and thus we have formed a forum of women who have taken on themselves to train the aspiring entrepreneurs, rural women, artisans to live their dreams.

We work with underprivileged and marginalized women in rural areas.  We aspire women communities to build a livelihood for them by motivating, guiding, consulting, funding their ideas, providing required knowledge & support and by landholding them through different entrepreneurial issues, Skilling them on making LEDs, solar lamps, stitching, khadi etc to earn a living for themselves. Girl education, maternal & child healthcare are an important part of this initiative. Women from diverse backgrounds like academicians, IT, Finance, social and business entrepreneurs, media and communication, homemakers and students are a part of this initiative. We work with women at the grass root level and educate them on major issues.

 #WomenEmpowerIndia is a community of Indian women entrepreneurs from different parts of the country which help women to realize their true potential. WFI is an ecosystem which empowers women by fostering their innovative non-profit ideas for social work as well as business propositions. We at WFI provide required knowledge and support by handholding them through different entrepreneurial issues. This helps in addressing all gridlocks faced by either the aspiring or established women entrepreneurs. WFI conduct sessions where these women are invited to train other women on subjects like:

  • Gender discrimination
  • Financial inclusion
  • Social and legal rights
  • Importance of education
  • Secured working place
  • Industry experience
  • Digital learning

Women from diverse backgrounds like academicians, IT, social and business entrepreneurs, media, communication, homemakers and students are a part of this initiative. We work with women at the grass root level and help them to earn their living. 

We have been instrumental in reviving several art forms and giving an earning to rural artisans especially from Bihar and MP and has helped them to regain their self-esteem.


Mentoring women Entrepreneurs in their journey

Helping women gear up their skills to earn a living

Reviving rural art forms and traditional artisans

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