Tree Plantation

Tree plantation is significant in the current age of climate change and global warming. Trees take in the carbon dioxide as well as many toxics and give out clean oxygen for all living things to breathe. Trees prevent the soil from getting eroded and danged during rains. They hold the soil together with its roots. Tree plantation is necessary because it is the home to birds and many animals like koala bears and tree frogs. Trees help to control the temperature of the Earth, making it cooler. Trees also provide us with fruits and vegetables. They give us wood to build houses, furniture and make paper.

It is essential to conserve the greenery around us. Many schools teach students about the importance of tree plantation and students plant trees in schools. Tree plantation is practiced all over the world. Tree plantation day in India is celebrated as Van Mahotsav in the first week of July.

Tree plantation is an activity that we can all participate in for improving our environment because we believe that trees play a significant role in ecological balance and equilibrium, and by protecting trees and growing more trees we can ensure the health of the ecosystem. 

WOMEN for INDIA organizes several tree-plantation drives. The campaign also saw an active participation of children who made posters for spreading awareness and spoke to old people in the park and asked them some intriguing questions. Our organization is trying to shape the future in a better way by educating students on Sustainable Development Goals. “A good leader could shape the young minds in the right mould”, said Ms. Shalini Goyal Bhalla, Founder, WOMEN for INDIA as she addressed everyone at the end of the campaign.