Our Impact

Project Zero

#ZeroWaste Schools-  ZWS is an innovative and comprehensive 3-month program whose objective is to help schools divert all recyclable and compostable waste, recycle, reduce waste, educate students. This helps schools to reduce their C-footprint by making small but significant changes. Here we work on the vision of sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.  …

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Green Hotel

#Green Hotels – is an effort to make hotels, restaurants, cafes, homestays, travel aggregators, tourist spots green and sustainable. We conduct audit which helps to determine the loose areas. Training and educating staff, management follows. Educating them on the green practices from waste to water and energy conservation to recycling habits. This helps to reduce their …

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No Single Use Plastics

India generates 3.5M tonnes of plastic waste every year. 43% of it is single use. By 2050 oceans will have more plastic than fish. Marine life is at danger. Plastics is damaging Environment – Land, air and water. What is Single Use Plastic? •Plastic that is meant for use and throw •Plastic below 50 microns …

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