Bachhav is the project undertaken by WFI to provide food, essential commodities during the panedmimc like masks and sanitizer to under-privileged people. We work with local administration on the distribution of the masks and sanitizers to the labor class families. We make sure that everyone has a mask to wear during the period of lock down.

We have been assisting and supporting local administration in setting up community kitchen for migrants and the homeless population. We are supplementing the government efforts to provide shelter to homeless, daily workers and urban poor families, creating awareness on prevention and hygiene, social distancing helping state and local government in filling gaps in routine delivery of public health care and promoting hygiene measures assisting local administration in identifying hotspots and deputing caregivers to deliver service to elderly persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups.

The project is conceptualized to achieve following goal:

  • To ensure supply of masks and sanitizers to the poor during lockdown
  • Mobilizing people on the ways to ensure social distancing and other preventive measures of Covid19
  • To make the migrants comfortable by providing them essential hand cleaning kits
  • Sensitizing people on the importance of lockdown