Zero Waste School

Zero Waste is an ethical, environment-friendly, green, efficient way of lifestyle that helps to live a sustainable life. The aim is to reduce the trash that we produce at individual levels to zero. This would help to save our natural resources and rebuilding economies in support of community health and sustainability. ZW encourages us to redesign our lives so that all the products that we use are reused. The ultimate objective is to reduce overall trash that goes to landfills, oceans or incinerators to zero.

Project Zero is an innovative program that aims to make schools Zero Waste. We work with students, teachers, management and external staff on the principles of 3Rs. Project Zero for Zero Waste school has been certified by the ICCE internationally. Zero waste helps the school in the following manner-

  1. Introducing and successfully implementing SDGs in schools
  2. Advisory to the school regarding the by-laws of Rainwater harvesting and Composting
  3. Becoming more environmentally conscious by recycling waste
  4. Abiding by the┬áhonorable PM’s mandate of “Say no to single-use plastic”
  5. Creating Eco-Champs and aware citizens
  6. Certification for being a “Progressive Zero-Waste School”

Project Zero is a scientifically-driven program. It is based on 12 major and 60 minor indicators.

In 2019-2020, Project Zero enabled an annual CO2 emission reduction by 3,872 kgs which is equivalent to almost 194 additional trees grown every year.

3.2 ton CO2 emissions avoided

82 trees saved

11 MWh+Energy saved

5000 L Water saved

20 Livelihood created

1.1 ton Plastic avoided from entering landfills