Solil Chatterjee


A Dosco and Cambridge alumni, Solil started his career with ICI in Kanpur. After working with ICI for almost 10 years he went onto an entrepreneurial journey. He started System and stampings in Kanpur. Later he started a plastic unit in Noida. His latest ventures include Unified Learning which was the pioneer in brining LMS in e-learning space in India. Ballistics worked for corporate clients whereas ULPL was in school sector. His latest venture was TechRock. It was a web and mobile based app development software company. He is on board of 3 private companies (all in education). His latest occupation has been his Hornby Dublo train set. Solil says, women are the natural guardians and nurturers of our planet’s societies and their environs. WFI Works to help women reclaim their rightful custodianship of that role.